David Kern began his dancing career at San Francisco Ballet. In 1987, he joined William Forsythe’s Ballet in Frankfurt. He began his 30-year, long work relationship with Forsythe. He created dozens of roles in Forsythe’s works as well as texts and songs. His choreographic career started in 1993 with Goethe’s Faust 1 and 2, performed in Paulskirche in Frankfurt. In 1995, he created “Great Symphony” for Kunstenfestivaldesarts. In 1998 he was an honorary judge at the Rencontres Choregraphiques Bagnolet and choreographed the work “10 Blisters” for Sylvie Guillem.

Born in Israel, Tamar Lamm moved to New York where she trained with Zvi Gotheiner and danced in the Erick Hawkins Dance Company and in Paris where she performed with Francois Raffinot and David Kern. Since her return to Israel she performed with Yasmeen Godder, Iris Erez, Ari Teperberg and others.

Since 2016 Tamar and David have worked as partners, creating “Because We Love You”, “Dog Walkers”, “At the Foot of the Vanishing Table”, “History was written by the Losers” with Tilman O’Donnell, and “The Monks”.

Our project is the extension or act 2 of “History was Written by the Losers”. “History…”, is a comical, satirical look at famous historical figures, great heroes, artists, scientists and leaders. Three characters, dressed as cowboys, are the “losers” of the title. They take turns singing verses, each verse a comical, surreal jab at one of those figures. The losers, knowing that they will have no place in the history books attempt to rewrite them. Part 2 will add two new artists, Esther Balfe and Emmanuel Obeya. We hope to take the piece outdoors in the 2nd part. Perhaps on the grass or around a campfire, where the huge space and number of artists, will change the scope of the piece. Coffee will be served.