A socially engaged promoter, dancer, performer, teacher, and choreographer,
Tali creates site-specific performances, events, and choreographies in different mediums. Her works address identity, gender, human communication, and behavior patterns. They are presented at dance and theater festivals, galleries, museums, and public and private spaces. Her choreographies explore scores and improvisation structures as part of creating liminal space. The result invite exploring various relationships and closeness levels between the spectator and the performer. Tali, constantly searches for the connection between environment, people, and art. She is a firm believer that art should be accessible to a broad audience and integrated into our daily lives.

Bus station is a transition point between past, present and future.
Some of the spectators are the same people who wait for the bus every day.
The space already has elements of waiting, anticipation, missing out and unknown encounters.
How is the meeting between dance and street life related? What do they reveal about each other?

The physical presence of performers and spectators in a “real”, realistic place, which does not have a defined purpose as theatrical space, allows deep involvement and partnership. The dance serves as a connecting tool, which touches on questions of identity and human connection between the individual and his neighborhood and between a person and the community in which he lives.