Body.Frqency Project is the collaboration between the dance and circus artist Danny Tavori and the sound and code artist Nir Jacob Younessi.

Both are Israeli artists. They met five years ago while working on the same project.
Their common artistic language crosses both their mediums. Since then they collaborate on personal projects and “Your Voice” which is their first, full collaborative creation.

Danny comes from the world of contemporary circus. Inspired by the Israeli art scene he trained as an aerial acrobat, a dancer, and a juggler. He always adds contemporary dance orientation to his work. After years of working as an international freelancer, as a dance and acrobat, he began to direct his own performances.

Nir Jacob is an interdisciplinary artist who merges technology, code, sound, and classical music. He engineers sounds for natural and digital materials, which uses code to create immersive and interactive soundscapes for performance and installations.

The process for “Your Voice” began with the search for technological means which could add sound layers into live motion. Our goal was to reveal movement structures beyond the physical dimension. By using movement sensors worn on Danny’s body, along with Nir Jacob’s programming skills, the results were quick.

It took more than a year of research, to be able to connect sensibly, between sound and dance, directly. The search for authentic means to transfer movement together with its quality to sound by code, provided us with great inspiration for the main narrative and concept for this creation.

This show is about the journey to express our true self, as well as, to question to authentic communication, along with our environment.