Greetings from the Mayor of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa

Dear Guests,

Welcome to “The Tel-Aviv-Jaffa International Dance Exposure”.
Tel-Aviv-Jaffa our pluralistic, tolerant, open city, loves dance.
Dance-is the art that has the ability, to bring people together, without the need of words and no language limitation. It is a loyal ambassador of our city throughout the universe. Dance which leaves Tel-Aviv-Jaffa crosses borders, blossoms, flourishes and wins great praise and recognition.

International Exposure, is Suzanne Dellal Centre’s annual platform for contemporary dance in Israel which acts to encourage Israeli creative art and strives to establish joint, ongoing activity and artistic and professional ties with international dance communities, contributes an overwhelming contribution to irreversible Israeli dance, to export, which leads in the field of culture and to the entrance of many known Israeli dance trainers to the international dance scene.

Every year Suzanne Dellal Centre invites world leaders, directors, producers, curators to Israel’s dance festival, outstanding in its quality and richness. The festival gives a stage to the latest, best Israeli dance creators and provides an opportunity to a professional meeting among colleagues, choreographers, dancers and national dance groups, from the largest, most established and to new amateur individuals. They all constantly deal here in original, most talented, local, full of inspiration, excellent technical ability.
I have no doubt that the good impressions which you will meet here, you will spread to dance communities throughout the world.

Welcome and have a good time!
Ron Huldai
Mayor of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa