Exposure LIVE | A podcast moderated by Creatures of Dance

Dec 1, 2022 | 15:30

Yerushalmi Studio

50 min


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Suzanne Della Centre: New Agendas & International Guests: Exploring Israeli Dance Today

Naomi Perlov, Artistic Director, Suzanne Dellal Centre

Shimrit Golan – Cohen, Director of programs and production

Samuel Wuersten, Artistic/Executive Director, Holland Dance Festival & Zurich Arts University

Katrin Hall, Artistic Director, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani

Roberto Casarotto, Co-director, Aerowaves Europe


Throughout history, dance in the West has operated as transnational and mobile, sustaining an economy of exchange, sharing and mutual influences. Respectively, dance in Israel developed on a strong basis of infrastructure of overseas ties, immigration and the importation of ideas and practices – mainly from Europe and the USA.

In an open series of live conversations, we will explore the following issues: the position of Israeli contemporary dance in the international field; what do choreographers think about the nature and significance of the ties existing between them and their colleagues abroad; and what is the role of art institutions and the State in the development of such relations.

With: Israeli choreographers participating in this year’s Exposure, visiting international curators, artistic directors of Suzanne Dellal Centre and representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Iris Lana

Iris Lana is a dance researcher, lecturer, director of dance archive projects and an entrepreneur and facilitator of discursive platforms on contemporary dance in Israel. She served as the Director of Batsheva Dance Company’s archive project and as the Director of the Dance project of The National Digital Collection.

Yali Nativ

Dr. Yael (Yali) Nativ is a dance scholar with sociological and anthropological orientations. In her writing and research, she explores social and cultural issues looking at the linkage between dance, body, culture, education, gender and creativity. She is a co-founder and member of the Israeli Society for Dance Research and serves as the Head of the Israeli Association of Independent Choreographers.