Dec 3, 2022 | 15:00

Ora Studio
*The presentation will begin in the main courtyard and will continue at the Ora studio

120 min


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1|2|3 is an annual choreographic development program for emerging Israeli choreographers that supports the creation of new works. The one-year program consists of three phases – Solo, Duet, and Trio. Each phase ends with a performance, and outstanding artists selected by an artistic panel are offered professional opportunities. Ten artists are chosen to begin the program. After each phase, the choreographers are narrowed down until only three remain.

1|2|3 serves as an incubator for the next generation of local creators, supporting the participants in identifying and defining their artistic voice and developing compositional tools and artistic language. The program also opens and strengthens relationships between artists from different disciplines and is a springboard for international connections.

The Centre provides practical, educational, and professional resources while guiding selected artists through their artistic process. Artists will participate in master classes and mentoring sessions with international and local artists and arts professionals from various disciplines.

The first edition of 1|2|3 took place in 2020/21, and the second, 2022/23, started in May 2022 and will continue until March 2023.

The program was established with the Lottery Council for Culture and Arts assistance.


Iron 6 | حديد 6 (Main courtyard)

Choreography, performance, and object design: Noam Ben Israel I نوعم بن اسرائيل

Noam Ben Israel was born in 1998. He’s been dancing ever since he can remember – indoors and outdoors, in the field and the forest. A graduate of the Vertigo’s Dancers training program, he has participated as a creator-dancer in works by many artists. These days, he performs with the Vertigo Dance Company in “Birth of the Phoenix” and “Shape on us”, with choreographer Sharon Fridman in “Haste donde” and with choreographer Dror Lieberman in “Log Out”.



Innerview | مقابلة

Choreography and Performance: Gregory Lev | چريچوري ليڤ

Music: Maurice Ravel I Pavane For An Infante Défunte
Interview- Catatonic Schizophrenic I Youtube video soundtrack Cory Henry I Lord’s Prayer (live)
Musical production: Gavriel Meserano
Costume Design: Jonatan Alberto, Garzon Gomez
Set design and accessories: Omer Kahlon, Doron Ashkenazi, Gregory Lev

Gregory Lev (Grisha), was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in 1993. Two years later he made “Aliyah” with his family. At the age of 13, he started ballroom dancing and at 22, he began his professional career in contemporary dance and physical theater. Gregory worked with many of the best choreographers in Israel and abroad. These days, he is making his first steps as a choreographer and artistic creator.



Remnants | بقايا

Choreography and performance: Or Saadi | ؤور سعادي

Wa ti ur – Shamaa Avraham
Aden’s woman lament
Costume design: Omri Albo
Rehearsal Director: Ronni Faigler, Noam Deutch

Or Saadi graduated from Vertigo International Dance Program in 2018 and then joined ‘The Inbal Dance Company’ as a dancer. She participated in creative processes with choreographers Emannuel Gat, Shahar Binyamini, Mor Shani, Idan Sharabi, and Lior Tavori. She took part in independent projects by choreographers: Maya Briner, Shahar Hanin and Tamir Golan. Currently, she works as a freelance dancer with Shahar Binyamini. In 2021, Or won the ‘Best Performer’ award in Suzanne Dellal’s 1|2|3 program. As an independent choreographer, she has created ‘Strieas’ and ‘The fourth dial rhythm’. Her works were performed at CICC, the Jerusalem Arts Festival and Sadnaot Habama. Or is a bachelor’s degree student of fine arts at the Open University. She also sings and acts.



Nitta | نيتا

Choreography and performance: Reches Itzhaki | ريخيس يتساحاقي

Music: Khosrow and Shirin by Pallett
Costume design: Adam Elezrah, Achinoam Cina

22-year-old Reches Itzhaki started dancing at six in “Pe’ima” his late father’s dance studio. At the age of 12, he was accepted to the Academy of Music and Dance, from which he graduated with honors. Immediately after graduating in June 2018, he was accepted into Batsheva Ensemble, where he stayed for two years.  In 2020, Reches started working with the choreographers Lior Tavori, Anat Oz, Inbal Pinto, Yael Schiller and others.



Seven Minutes That Changed the World |

سبع دقائق غيرت العالم

Choreography and Performance: Ariel Freedman | أرييل فريدمان

Original text by Ariel Freedman
You Shook Me All Night Long | ACDC
The Fresh Prince | Yo Home To Bel Air & DJ Jazzy Jeff
Star Wars Main Title | John Williams
This Land is Your Land | Woody Guthrie
Costume Design: Ariel Freedman

Ariel Freedman was born in Philadelphia, USA in 1983. After graduation from The Juilliard School, she danced in the companies of Mikhail Baryshnikov and Aszure Barton, followed by the Batsheva Ensemble and Batsheva Dance Company under the direction of Ohad Naharin. In 2011 she returned to freelancing, including a sustained collaboration with Ella Rothschild. She met Roy Assaf in 2013, accompanying him in commissions for the Batsheva Ensemble, Batsheva Dance Company and Nederlands Dans Theater, among others. In 2017 she premiered Empress Archer, a duet co-created with Meredith Webster and produced by The Cambrians.

In 2019, she co-created Mayagidu with the community of Kibbutz Ramat HaKovesh, where she lives. Her work there continued with outdoor workshops and jam sessions in collaboration with Shani Tamari Matan and graduates of “The Maslool Professional Dance Program”.



Eleutheromania (ελευθερωμανια) | إِيلوثيرومينيا

Choreography and performance: Misan Miso Samara | ميسان ميسو سمارة

Music producing and composing: Shaher Khanfar
Costume Design: Yalta Zion

Misan Miso Samara is a Palestinian queer dancer and actress, born in 1997 in the city of Tira. She started her dancing journey in “Zeadim” when she was only four years old. At 18, she moved to the United States to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional dancer at New York’s ‘Broadway Dance Center.’ She continued her theatre acting education at The Lee Strasberg College of Theater and Acting in Los Angeles. Still in the US, she started her acting and dancing career with directors Matthew Michael Carnahan and Fanny Lysandre. In 2020, she returned to her homeland and now lives in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Since 2021, she’s been on tour with the play “Aswat,” directed by Hisham Suleiman and produced by the Nazareth Fringe Theater Ensemble. Misan was awarded “Best Performer” on Suzanne Dellal Centre’s 1|2|3 platform for Nur Garabli’s solo work “Seventy Three”. Miso has also participated in Suzanne Dellal Ensemble’s “Dancing Outside”. She created movements for “Khawaja,” a play directed by Hisham Suleiman. Since 2021, she has been a movement instructor at Masar College – Nazareth. Miso is now taking part as a dancer and co-choreographer in Garabli’s duet work. These days, she is investigating her liberation and heading into the world of creation.

ميسان ميسو سمارة فنانة راقصة وممثلة  فلسطينية متميّزة ولدت عام 1997 في مدينة الطيرة، المثلث.

بدأت رحلتها في الرقص في “تسعديم” عندما كانت في الرابعة من عمرها فقط. في سن 18 انتقلت إلى الولايات المتحدة لتحقيق حلمها بأن تصبح راقصة محترفة ولتلقى مسارها بالتدريب الاحترافي للرقص المعاصر في مركز برودواي للرقص- نيو يورك. من هناك واصلت تعليمها لفن التمثيل في المسرح في كلية “لي ستراسبيرݘ للمسرح والتمثيل” -لوس انجلوس.

بدأت مسيرتها المهنية مع المخرج “ماثيو مايكل كارناهان” والمخرجة فاني ليسندري” في الولايات المتحدة. عادت الى وطنها خلال 2020، وتسكن الان في تل-ابيب يافا. تمثل منذ 2021 في مسرحية “اصوات”، من اخراج هشام سليمان وانتاج مسرح إنسَمبل فرينج، الناصرة. حصلت ميسو على جائزة “أفضل أداء راقص” في مشروع 123 بمركز سوزان دلال في أداء السولو “ثلاثة وسبعين” اخراج نور غرابلة. وقد قامت ميسو بجولات عروض راقصة مع انسمبل سوزان دلال تحت عنوان “الرقص في الخارج”.  كما واخرجت وصمّمت حركات راقصة لمسرحية “الخواجا” من اخراج هشام سليمان. ترشد ميسو الحركات في كلية مسار- الناصرة منذ 2021. أما الان فتعمل كراقصة ومصممة مساعِدة في عمل غرابلة الثنائي.

تستكشف ميسو افي هذه الأيّام حريتها وتتقدّم نحو عالم الإبداعً والابتكار.


Be steadfast like the mountains and don’t leave

Don’t leave unless you’re standing like a knight in battle

Do not surrender your body to the enemies; we are not victims; we just vary our ways to fight for freedom.

Hold your pain between your torn ribs and walk slowly towards the sun, but keep on going.

Be patient like an olive tree at home; then beat the horizon with your wings and click your heels onto the ground, and rise.

كوني صامِدة كالجِبال.

كوني صامِدة كالجِبال ولا تُغادري.

كوني صامِدة كالجِبال ولا تُغادري إلا وانتِ واقفه كفارسة في المعركة.

لا تُسلمي الأعداء جسدكِ فنحنا لسنا ضحايا، نحنا فقط نتفنّن في مقارعة الحُرية.

أحبسي اوجاعك بين ضلوعك المتمزقة وامضي ولو ببطئ نحو ألشمس, لكن امضي صعوداً.

تصبري كزيتونة الدار ثُم أضربي جناحيكِ مع الأُفق وأضربي بكعبكِ ايقاعاً في الأرض ثُم انهضي.


Fractal | فرَكتال

Choreography and performance: Ophir Kunesch | ؤُفير كونيش

Costume design: Ophir Kunesch
Costume design: Ophir Kunesch

Ophir Kunesch was born in 2000.

At the age of 11, he started breakdancing and later on, at the age of 20, he was accepted to “The Maslool Professional Dance Program”, directed artistically by Ofir Dagan and Niv Marinberg.

These days, he’s paving his way as a professional dancer and creator.



Give it to me | أعطيها

Choreography and performance: Avshalom Latucha | أڤشالوم لاطوخا

Music: Proud Mary – Tina Turner
Musical editing: Iyar Dalva

Avshalom Latucha started his journey as a dancer at the Haifa dance workshop. Closely before he finished his studies, he was acquainted with Roy Assaf, with whom he started dancing, later becoming his artistic partner. Other than in the local Batsheva Dance Company, they cooperated in Tanzmainz, the Maltese Zfinmalta dance group, MiRDance, the Danish Dance Theatre and Ballet du Capitol Toulouse. In recent years, he’s engaged in artistic dialogues with generous and talented artists such as Adi Boutrous, Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, Mor Shani, Omri Drumlevich, and others – as many as his hands can reach and his time enables. He is also a member of Dana Yahalomi’s Public Movement group.

This will be his first attempt at performing his own creation on a professional stage.


Choreography: Reches Itzhaki | ريخيس يتساحاقي

Performers: Reches Itzhaki, Einat Betsalel | ريخيس يتساحاقي, عينات بتسلئيل


Choreography: Misan Miso Samara | ميسان ميسو سمارة

Performers: Misan Miso Samara, Spero Salem | ميسان ميسو سمارة، سبيرو سالِم


Choreography: Gregory Lev | چريچوري ليڤ

Performers: Gregory Lev, Andrea Frankfurt | چريچوري ليڤ, أندرِيا فرانكفورت


Choreography: Ariel Freedman | أرييل فريدمان

Performers: Ariel Freedman, Shahd Jabarin | أرييل فريدمان، شهد جبارين


Choreography: Ophir Kunesch | ؤُفير كونيش

Performers: Ophir Kunesch, Maya Navot | ؤُفير كونيش, مايا ناڤوت


Choreography: Avshalom Latucha | أڤشالوم لاطوخا

Performers: Avshalom Latucha, Dror Shoval | أڤشالوم لاطوخا, درور شوڤال



Program for emerging choreographers

Artistic Director: Naomi Perlov | Mentoring: Yael Venezia, Naomi Perlov | Assistant to the Artistic Director: Tamir Eting | Director of Program and Production: Shimrit Golan Cohen Production: Sheyzaf Zach Photography: Asya Skorik I Stage Manager: Shully Tseiger 

Guest mentors: Daphnis Kokkinos (Dancer and Pina Bausch’s assistant, Greece/ Germany), Philippe Bellaiche (Filmmaker, Israel/ France), Susanne Mariacher (Architect, Austria), Nadia Beugré (Choreographer, Ivory Coast/ France), Ada Karmi (Architect, Israel), A.J. Weissbard (Light and Stage Designer, Curator, Educator, USA/ Israel)

1I2I3 first edition performed at the Holland Dance Festival in February 2022 and in MilanOltre Festival in October 2022

The program was established with the support of Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts