Dec 2, 2022 | 19:00

Zehava studio

50 min


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About the work

Chapters of Joy

About dance, about dancers, about music, about musicality, about passion, about Bach, about the classical, about the contemporary, about joy, about the performance itself, about being watched, about watching, about freedom, about intimacy, about baroque, about dance genres, about togetherness, about embarrassment, about sensuality, about love for the past, about love for the present, about mixing everything, about Dan, Carmel, Amit, Itay, Tamar and Roni, about childishness, about beauty, about playfulness, about grace, about drama, about aesthetics, about circles, about shapes, about everything, about nothing.
‘Chapters of Joy’ is a piece for five performers that celebrates the body – in its vividness, vitality and grace.
The piece is danced to the sound of Bach’s English Suite no 2 & 3, in an attempt to revive it; the dancers play with the musical score, while shaking off its labels of luxury and classical stigmas.
The dance is light, sweeping and dizzying. The dancers indulge their present being and share it with the audience – in a simple attempt to create intimacy.



Roni Chadash, 1990, is an independent choreographer, performer and teacher, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
In her movement research, Roni is deconstructing the body into multiple joints that function independently. She is in a constant search for instinctive, emotional and raw motives for movements.
Her works are characterized by the attempt to deconstruct the body, the movement, the image, the relationship between the audience and the performers and the act of the show itself.
The way she deals with the body peels it from history, stereotypes and dictated labeling and confronts it with a naked present.
Roni’s works received numerous awards for their originality, in Israel as well as abroad, including Israel Ministry of Culture Award for Young Choreographers (2021, 2018) and ‘Shades in Dance’ Award (2015).


Roni Chadash
Performers and co-creators
Amit Zaretsky, Itay Bibas, Dan Burstein, Carmel Ben Asher and Tamar Kisch (Original Cast: Tamar Honig)
Rehearsal Manager
Dana Shoval
Bach: English Suite no. 2 & 3 by Ivo Pogorelich
Outside eyes
Maya Brinner, Yael Biegon-Citron, Amos Shalev, Melanie Berson
Light Design
Ofer Laufer ‘Chapters of Joy’ premiered as part of Curtain up Festival 2020, under the artistic direction of Dana Ruttenberg and Oded Graf. The piece enjoyed the support of Bora Bora Residency Center (Denmark), Suzanne Dellal Center ('Choreographers Circle'), Mifal Hapais, Neve Schechter, Clore Dance Center, The Aquarium Project and Yad Harif Center for the Arts.