Dec 2, 2022 | 20:30

Dellal Hall

60 min


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About the work


Vertigo Dance Company World Premiere 2022 | by Noa Wertheim

A perpetual search of a return to the place that brings us closer to ourselves

Makom in Hebrew means “place” and describes a real or imaginary location. Makom can also be a spiritual refuge, a home, wherever.

Noa Wertheim’s new creation Makom deals with a world out of balance and therefore unfolds a movement language that strives from the centre outwards, to the extremities and to extremes. It‘s a perpetual quest for the restoration of equilibrium. Form and content are the main notions: Form stands for the human body, the outer structure. The content is the inner essence, our soul. The choreography outlines polarities, between an inside and an outside, between right and left, construction and destruction. Only towards the end a unification of the extremes is strived for, also symbolized by the set design: wooden sticks (a material from nature) are put together to form a bridge. The bridge enables relationship and communication and allows an encounter in the centre, a return to Makom.



The Company was founded in 1992 by Noa Wertheim and Adi Shaal, it marks an inspiring creativity incorporating Art, Humanity and Nature .
The company has established a distinct presence in the contemporary dance scene in Israel and around the globe .
Vertigo Dance Company is one of the four Big leading dance companies in Israel, and is endlessly invited to perform within the most prestigious
International festivals and well known theaters around the Globe
The Company has become a worldwide Ambassador for Israeli Art.

Through Noa Wertheim’s unique artistic creative expression and movement, Vertigo is committed to expanding the boundaries of dance to raise Social and Environmental awareness.
Noa, Vertigo’s Artistic Director works and creates from her home studio located at the Vertigo Eco Art Village , where she lives with Adi and their three sons,
in a community that fosters the arts in an Ecologically and Socially responsible manner.
The Essence of Vertigo Dance Company and Vertigo Eco Art Village is to join the Universe and the Energy of life .

Vertigo Dance Company is continually seeking for new interesting collaboration and challenging tasks.


Noa Wertheim
Lighting Design
Dani Fishof – Magenta
Sasson Kedem
Rina Wertheim-Koren
Company Manager
Sandra Brown
Dancers Creators
Etai Peri, Sian Olles, Eden Ben Shimol, Korina Friman, Micah Aimos, Ruth Ben David, Ilan Kolubovich, Shani Licht, Theo Samsworth
Elad Debi