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Dec 2, 2022 | 11:00

BOHU - Performance Art Space
Pick up: Hamered 31, 10:15

45 min


International Exposure is a professional event open to registered guests only. Please Login to reserve your place.

About the work


*The performance is taking place at BOHU – Performance Art Space Pick up point: Hamered 31 St. a bus stop behind Dan Panorama, at 10:15 (15 min drive)

ELISH – A piece by Tamar Borer in collaboration with Bar Eran and Yael Ben Shalom
The performance presents the human gaze on the layered reality which is in a constant state of metamorphosis: the image that accompanies the work is the life cycle of metal. A cycle that begins as stardust in space, drops down and turns into mineral crystals on earth, erodes, and finally, rises back up to space as dust.
The dance reflects constant transformation states: a kind of a journey, using extreme motion and voice combined with soft and introverted moves.
The live video offers another perspective, a different point of view on the same reality.
The live music weaves rich and complex sound surfaces which create an intense dialogue with the dance and the video, empowering the primeval and spatial atmosphere of the work.
The name Elish is taken from the Babylonian creation story Anuma Elish : When from Above.



Tamar Borer- a choreographer, a performance artist, a Butoh dance teacher. Her works deal with social and philosophical themes concerning human evolutionary processes. Since 1988, Tamar creates and performs solo works, duets and ensemble co-productions with different interdisciplinary artists. Borer is the founder and artistic director of the “BOHU” project, which promotes independent artists with their creation. She was invited to various festivals throughout the world, such as: The Montpelier international dance festival, France, The cross over festival, Italy, as well as performed on various stages such as: Bonn\Germany, Hokkaido\Japan, Mexico city, Oslo\ Norway. She conducts encounters and conferences to a wide variety of audiences, as well as works with special needs communities. Tamar received prizes and scholarships worldwide for her work, such as: “The Alber Gaubier scholarship, Holland, “OT Hachesed”, Israel. Her work is supported by The Office of education and culture, Mifal Hapais, The municipality of Tel Aviv, The Rabinovitch foundation. She is a member of The Choreographers association.


A performance by
Tamar Borer In collaboration with Yael Ben Shalom and Bar Eran
Concept, direction, choreography, stage, performance
Tamar Borer
Bar Eran
Live video
Yael Ben Shalom
Avinoam Sternheim
Light design
Tamar Orr
Light technician
Noam Baitner
Graphic design and stills