Dec 3, 2022 | 17:30

Zehava Studio

50 min


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About the work

Whom of a kind

In Whom of a kind, Maayan Cohen Marciano continues her ongoing research on the nude body, this time she has chosen to work with the male nude body, in a duet of two male dancers.
The work is observing through and within the body, a wide range of culturally-constructed perceptions of the male body, identity and body behaviours. Maayan uses choreography in order to reduce the masculine body to a playful material, to transform it to various essence and meaning and to ask how the body itself can rebuild new masculinity through its materiality. This is a visual discussion in which the audience can witness new possibilities for the male body, and by this to expand their point of view of gender, the human body, humanity and the forces that constructed it.


The performance includes nudity


Maayan Cohen Marciano, is a choreographer and dancer. She is a M.A student in the Interdisciplinary Program in Arts, Tel Aviv University. She holds a BA in movement and choreography from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Maayan has presented her work in varied festivals, museums and galleries such as: Intimadance and A-Genre Festivals, Tmuna Theatre, Habait theatre, Diver Festival, Kelim Choreography Center, Hangar Adama, CCA (TLV), International Exposure, Heaven and Earth Festival, OYM festival, (Eindhoven Holland), Circe Platform (Tbilisi,Georgia), Bible Lands Museum The unique pasaz exhibition (TLV) inspired by Walter Benjamin work. Maayan has selected to participate with a full scholarship in the BIDE events Barcelona. Her works are spread over various creative channels, such as body- based art, Hip Hop culture, and performance art. What draws her in her artistic path is the motivation to learn and create new aesthetics based on deep research and a careful listening during the process. Maayan is fascinated by the tension inherent in the nude body for being culturally washed on the one hand and pure and elementary on the other, as such it offers a real-time visual discussion dealing with the human social-cultural body.


Maayan Cohen Marciano
Dancers and creators
Nir Vidan, Nadi Yoel The work has been created in a residency program at Kelim Choreography Center and Tights: dance & thought programs. The work premiered at ‘kelim’ festival/ Bat- Yam, and ‘Diver’ Festival/ CCA, TLV.
The work is supported by
Tel Aviv Foundation for the arts and Tel- Aviv Taffo municipality.