Dec 1, 2022 | 13:00

Zehava studio

50 min


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About the work


Bombarded with bursts of information and out-of-context images, we are constantly producing endless forms of performance and self-portrayal, through variant social media, possessed by them, we experience these images as a part of the real, natural world.
In ‘My SOULty’ the dancers wear their facial expressions as if they are wearing a mask. Their smiles, cries and laughs are simply, shapes and sounds. Though a mask is not only a disguise which hides a true self with its fakery, it reveals a true desire, fantasy and passion. Thus, the image and the body are experienced as a multilayered site that could be endlessly peeled in search of empathy and authenticity.
During these times, when a constant unified truth does not exist, perhaps all that is left is to experience the stage, as a place where magic takes place and to embrace the transformative falsehood of the performance.



Bosmat Nossan (1984) is a contemporary dance choreographer based in Tel Aviv. Her work originates from an attraction to the unnatural, the exaggerated and the stylized. She is inspired by SciFi, comics and surreal art. Bosmat presented her work in all major venues and festivals in Israel. She teaches and performs her work internationally. She is a former dancer of the renowned Bat Sheva Dance Company and the Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Polak dance company. She is the artistic director of the Gaga Teacher Training. Bosmat was a visiting artist at Michigan University for a full semester as part of Schusterman foundation’s visiting artist program (2016) and a visiting artist at Wayne State University (2019), awarded with the Remco award for promising artist (2006), recipient of scholarships and grants from the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport, America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Rabinowich Foundation and Mifal Hapais.


Bosmat Nossan
Shay Kukui and Alma Karvat Shemesh
Production & Management
Noa Lembersky
Light Design
Omer Shizaf
Soundtrack Design
Matan Daskal
Ido Feder
Costume Design
Kobi Swissa